Components of Switches with FusionInventory

Posted on Sun 21 October 2018 in FusionInventory

I'm working these days on a new feature in FusionInventory (Agent and plugin in GLPI). The networkinventory (inventory through SNMP protocol) get switches with ports, devices connected on each ports, the VLANs.

One thing is missing : components.

These components got can be very different:

  • FANs, power, mini GBIC modules...
  • physical devices of a stacked device (many physical switches connected together seen like 1 switch)
  • wifi devices managed by a wifi controller device (only this controller have SNMP available)

We can get many information about components:

  • INDEX: the index (id) of the component
  • NAME: the name of the component
  • DESCRIPTION: the description of the component
  • SERIAL: the serial number of the component
  • MODEL: the model of the component
  • MANUFACTURER: the manufacturer of the component
  • TYPE: the type of the component in the following list: chassis, backplane, container, powerSupply, fan, sensor, module, port, stack, other, unknown
  • FRU: 1 mean replaceable, 2 mean not replaceable
  • FIRMWARE: the firmware of the component
  • REVISION: the hardware revision of the component
  • VERSION: the version of the component
  • CONTAINEDININDEX: the index of the component parent of this component

Here is an example of data got for a component:

  'MANUFACTURER' => 'Cisco',
  'FRU' => '1',
  'TYPE' => 'powerSupply',
  'DESCRIPTION' => 'Main Power Supply',
  'NAME' => 'Main Power Supply'

Like you see, we not have always all information, but enough to manage it into GLPI.

More information in next days/weeks about the development of this feature.